The top eight Nordic noir novels of 2018

Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. They were the domain of the Northmen, the dreaded pagan hordes that swept through Europe around the end of the first millennia with their crazy, one-eyed gods, war hammers and long blonde hair. A similar though altogether more pleasant…
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Written by Jesper Stein, translated by David Young — Detective Alex Steen of the Copenhagen homicide division is a divorcee who still pines for his ex-wife and uses hashish to mitigate his insomnia. He lives in Norrebro, in one the worst neighborhoods in the city….
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Something new for Scandi crime fans

On the Radar — This week we announce an exciting new series from Denmark, and Jesper Stein’s Unrest looks like it will pack a lot of action. It’s been a big seller in Denmark and its fame has spread to 10 other countries already. Now…
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