An introduction to Noir Italiano

Italian noir? Who better to ask for an overview this unique strand of European crime fiction than the expert Omar Gatti, who edits the wonderful website Noir Italiano? We invited him to write a feature explaining Italian noir, so that English-speaking crime fiction lovers can…
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A Private Venus

Written by Giorgio Scerbanenco – Giorgio Scerbanenco was an important figure in postwar Italian crime fiction, but is little known to English-speaking audiences because his novels were never translated into English. Hersilia Press is seeking to rectify our ignorance of Scerbanenco and other Italian crime…
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Stepping back 55 years with Harlan Ellison

On the radar – As RoughJustice pointed our on our site a week or two ago, plenty of hot new books are being released this summer. Our radar this week has picked up books falling into the categories of something old, something new, and a…
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