Crime novellas with Bookxy

Independent publisher Starrk Raving Group is set to launch a new app giving readers access to previously unpublished novellas by a range of authors writing in crime fiction, sci-fi, horror and more. Bookxy will be available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets in December….
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Crime fiction on the big screen

Movies inspired by books are not a new thing. Nor is that feeling of: ‘Meh, the book was better.’ It wasn’t quite a Dragon Tattoo year, but even so several big names from the world of crime fiction were committed to the silver screen in…
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Suspect X and more - new crime audiobooks

Our first on the radar outing this week is a rather special one because all of the books featured, are audiobooks. Here at CFL we like to take a look at good crime fiction and thrillers across all formats, but we have yet to review an…
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