The Obituarist

Written by Patrick O’Duffy — There are all kinds of self-published crime books appearing. As we are frequently reminded, this means there’s a lot to sift through! However, written by an Australian editor of educational books, The Obituarist is a quirky-but-clever gem of a release….
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Blind Faith

Written by CJ Lyons — Sarah Durandt’s husband and young son were murdered by a psychopathic paedophile, Damian Wright. He goes to his grave two years later via a lethal injection in a Texas prison, without revealing where the bodies are. Having witnessed Wright’s death,…
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Rush of Blood

Written by Mark Billingham — Florida. The budget beach resort of Pelican Palms. Three couples from suburban London become acquainted while taking an Easter break. Amidst the Pina Coladas, oversized meal portions and sunburn, and on the eve of their departure, the teenage daughter of…
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Book Club

The Girl in Berlin

It’s summer 1951 and London is feeling the downbeat mood of austerity. Jack McGovern is a detective with Special Branch. High level British diplomats have defected to the Russians and he’s told to investigate Colin Harris, a British communist who has recently returned from East…
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