Detroit Breakdown

Written by DE Johnson – Detroit Breakdown is DE Johnson’s third historical mystery sent in Detroit during the beginning of the 20th century. Like its predecessors, The Detroit Electric Scheme and Motor City Shakedown, Detroit Breakdown follows the adventures of Will Anderson and Elizabeth Hume….
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HoCaM: Top five crime books of 2011

I can’t say definitively that these are the best books because I haven’t read everything out there, and who am I to decide for others, right? But these five novels all touched me, thrilled me, and in various ways impressed me the most. Don’t try…
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Motor City Shakedown

Written by DE Johnson — Motor City Shakedown by is a violent, historically-based story set in a vibrant but unsettled Detroit in 1911. The author has researched the social issues of the early 20th century and it’s the details that draw the reader into the…
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Be a character in DE Johnson’s next book!

To celebrate the release of his latest novel, Motor City Shakedown, crime fiction writer DE Johnson is offering anyone who reviews the book the chance to become a character in his next novel, Detroit Breakdown. In order to enter the draw, all you have to…
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