Death Can't Take a Joke

Written by Anya Lipska — Act I, Scene 1 – Canary Wharf, a prime business district which has been redeveloped from the decaying former docklands of East London. A young policewoman is trying to enjoy an over-priced latte. There is a strange birdlike flurry of…
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NTN: Where the Devil Can't Go

Writtn by Anya Lipska — Where the Devil Can’t Go parallels the stories of two lead characters. Polish immigrant Janusz Kiszka builder-cum-PI has been a resident of London since the 1980s, long before the more recent economic exodus of Poles. Meanwhile rookie detective DC Natalie…
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NTN: Anya Lipska interviewed

New author Anya Lipska is a TV producer and scriptwriter for well-respected documentary series such as the BBC’s Panorama, and Dispatches on Channel 4. Based in London, her first book Where the Devil Can’t Go is a detective mystery and political thriller drawing on her…
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