Interview: JJ Hensley

Have you ever wondered how realistic your favourite crime fiction is? Just because a book reads well on the page, it doesn’t mean it is accurate. Nowadays, research is pretty standard for authors, and while bestsellers like James Ellroy and Michael Connelly can use their…
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Bolt Action Remedy

Written by JJ Hensley — The winter sport of biathlon combines cross-country skiing with rifle shooting. Athletes taking part combine heart-pumping physical endurance with cool and calm shooting accuracy, and many have developed these abilities in the military. If you’re not aware of this Winter Olympics…
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The final fire

On the Radar — It’s a poignant time for fans of Scandinavian crime fiction as, two years to the day after Henning Mankell’s death, his final book will see print in an English translation on 5 October. We lead off with After the Fire, also…
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