After the Silence

Written by Jake Woodhouse — Bleak, pre-Christmas Amsterdam. The twinkling of fairy lights in festive windows does nothing to hide the obscenity of the body found hanging from a pulley above the frozen waters of a canal. Inspector Jaap Rykel, fresh from the indignity of…
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Interview: Jake Woodhouse

New author Jake Woodhouse recently secured a publishing deal with none other than Penguin Books. Set in Amsterdam, his debut novel is After the Silence and will bring us a dark tale of child abduction, paedophilia and a new detective called Jaap Rykel. It’s also…
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Dirt of every kind

On the Radar — Yes, today’s On the Radar brings you new books featuring dirty dealings of every kind. Drugs come to the fore in a new book by Robert K Lewis and in a Rex Burns reprint from the 70s. Corruption in sport is…
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