No Dominion

This compelling third installment of Louise Welsh’s The Plague Times Trilogy unites two of the survivors of the viral flu ‘the sweats’ – Stevie Flint and Magnus McFall. The pair are attempting to rebuild a democratic civilisation in Orkney after normal society has collapsed. When three strangers arrive the fragile community is upset and days later they disappear taking Magnus’s adopted son Shuggie, his girlfriend Willow, three other teenagers and a baby with them. Meanwhile, Willow’s adopted parents are murdered on their farm.

With no time to lose, Stevie and Magnus head to the mainland and find guerilla gangs of fierce teenage girls, rapist bandits and paedophiles, psychopaths at every turn and lynch mobs driven by religious fanatics. No Dominion is a thrilling finale to this dystopian series. Read the full review here.

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