First look: Cut Me In by Ed McBain

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cutmein_firstlook_875_01Yes, you’ve got us on that headline. It’s not really a first look because Cut Me In was originally published in 1954, and it was written by McBain under the pseudonym Hunt Collins. However, as this is the first time the book’s been in print in over 60 years, most of us haven’t seen it before – even the Ed McBain fans amongst us.

Like So Nude, So Dead earlier this year, Cut Me In has been rescued from pulp oblivion by Hard Case Crime and Titan Books. It predates the first 87th Precinct book – the series for which Ed McBain is best known – by two years and it’s fair to say that Cut Me In is from the author’s formative period. He went on to become a Mystery Writers of America Crime Grandmaster. And, what do you think of this cover image painted by pulp cover and 60s film poster illustrator Robert McGinnis?

The story itself is told in the first person, with our man investigating the death of his partner, Del Gilbert. Nobody liked Del much. He was slippery in business and jilted his women. But as the book opens he’s been shot and is body lies next to an open safe. A contract worth millions is missing.

The story runs some 200 pages and as a bonus you also get a 30-page short story featuring Matt Cordell, another Ed McBain detective. Cut Me In comes out 15 January 2016 for as a paperback and in ebook formats. It’s priced £7.99 in print and £2.84 for Kindle. Pre-order yours here.

For more Ed McBain see our feature on Cop Hater and the 87th Precinct series.


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