Perfect People, CJ Lyons, the IRA and silver tongues

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On the radar – This week our radar has gone into overdrive – it’s picking up powerful signals from some great new releases on the way. The flamboyant novelest and Crime Writer’s Association chairman Peter James is in attendance, we’ll be off to the South of France for a murder, and meet a widow searching for the truth about how her husband and son died. To find out more, read on…

Blind Faith by CJ Lyons
CJ Lyons has been a publishing industry sensation. This book was originally self-published digitally, it went into the New York Times bestseller list at number two, and now Little Brown has republishing it. Blind Faith is all about Sarah Durandt, who witnesses the execution of the man who murdered her husband and son. Trouble is, she still doesn’t know where they were buried. Returning home she’s determined to find them but she’s in for some shocking revelations and some very hard truths. Blind Faith is out on 31 July on Kindle, and in January as a paperback.
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The Corpse with the Silver Tongue by Cathy Ace
Here’s a debut novel that has gone down well in Canada, the homeland of its author. In the South of France, a man drops dead at a dinner party and the guests all find themselves under suspicion. Among them is Welsh-Canadian professor Cait Morgan, a criminologist who specialises in profiling victims. She’s determined to clear her own name and sets out to get to the bottom of a case that is further complicated by the theft of an ancient Celtic gold collar that’s believed to be cursed. Can Cait solve this mystery without falling victim to a decidedly disturbed and surprising killer? Reviewers say it has a hint of the Agatha Christie about it.
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Perfect People by Peter James
John and Naomi are desperate to have another child following the devastating loss of their four-year-old son from a rare genetic disorder. Geneticist, Dr Leo Dettore offers them the chance to have a baby using methods designed to ensure it won’t have the same devastating disease. However, it’s not until they’re at Dr Dettore’s clinic and Naomi is pregnant that the couple realise something is very wrong, and it’s too late to turn back. At the time of writing, Perfect People occupies the number one spot on the Amazon Crime chart, and is priced at just 20p!
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The Killer by Jack Elgos
Our story begins in Belfast in the 1970s, and young Darren McCann has learnt to fight, attracting the attention of the IRA in the process. Initially resistant to their approaches, when he’s personally affected by The Troubles he soon changes his mind. He proves so efficient as a sniper and special operative that after a particularly brutal interrogation, he’s labelled ‘the Butcher of Belfast’ and his knife, ‘The Killer’. Following a high profile assassination, Darren is sent to Spain until the heat dies down. While there he becomes involved with ETA and takes part in a risky bank job, but he’s keen to get back to Ireland and re-join the cause. However, an encounter with a British MI6 operative plants seeds of doubt in his mind. Will this be enough to turn Darren into a double-agent? As we press the Publish button here, this book is free on Kindle.
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