Hill Country

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Crime Fiction Lover contributor R Thomas Brown has just released his first full-length novel, entitled Hill Country. As its name suggests, it’s set in the hill country of Brown’s home state of Texas and has been published by Snubnose Press.

Brutal and pacy, the story is part horror and part crime. The main character, Gabriel Hill arrives home to find a mutilated body on his front porch. It’s a man he’d beaten up earlier on. Later he finds an animal sacrifice behind the house. Someone wants something from Gabe and he’s beaten up and threatened over something that his dead brother was meant to have sent to him. Should he run, or should he try and find out what’s going on and sort things out?

With testimonials from Chris F Holm and Bill Cameron, by all accounts it’s a harrowing page turner that’s not for the feint of heart. Plenty of beatings, blood and murder.

If you read the book, please post a comment and let us know what you think.

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