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As we head towards 2012 it seems there’s no stopping Crime Fiction Lover. We’ve been joined by a great new reviewer in the form of Eva Dolan, the unstoppable crime-fiction-loving force behind the excellent blog Loitering With Intent.

It’s over to Eva now for a few words about herself, in her own words: “I’m an Essex girl – think New Jersey but everyone sounds like Ray Winstone. The day job is copywriting, which leaves lots of time for important stuff like poker and boxing (as fan not a figther) and reading way too many books.  Building my blog up right now and working on a few bits and pieces.  What else?  No criminal record to speak of, I don’t drink before noon and I bake a kickass brownie.”

Eva has already supplied her top five books of 2011 for our site, which we posted live today, so check that out here. There are some real Kindle gems on her list too, if you’re a fan of crime fiction on the digital format.  Without further ado, please welcome LoiteringWithIntent to the CFL team.


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