Vicki Weisfeld: Top five books of 2015

So far this year, I’ve reviewed 22 books for Crime Fiction Lover, just under half of them in their audio versions. The richness and diversity of the crime and thriller genre means that while this category dominates my reading overall, it never grows stale, for…
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Book Club

The Water Knife

The diversity of platforms for literature fans is a great joy, and in this audiobook the Puerto Rican actress and presenter Almarie Guerra narrates a tale of greed, deception and murder, all based around the most vital commodity in Nevada, Arizona and California. Narcotics? Gold?…
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The Water Knife audiobook

Written by Paolo Bacigalupi, narrated by Almarie Guerra — In the American Southwest, the states of Nevada, Arizona, and California are battling over a dwindling water supply caused by climate change, population pressure, and brazen political brokering. States have declared their sovereignty, closed their borders,…
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