Scratch One

Written by Michael Crichton, as John Lange — Late last year, Hard Case Crime reprinted eight crime novels written by Michael Crichton. They were under the pseudonym John Lange, while he was at university in the late 60s and early 70s. We reviewed Grave Descend…
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RoughJustice: Top five books of 2013

For every great book that receives attention on a list like this, another two or three miss out. Tom Piccirilli (The Last Whisper in the Dark) and Jake Hinkson (The Posthumous Man) just miss out for the second year in a row, while Brother Kemal…
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Grave Descend by Michael Crichton

Written as John Lange — Before his death in 2008, Michael Crichton had an enormous influence on popular culture including scripting Jurassic Park and Twister, and helping create the enormously popular medical drama ER. However, before he established a knack for weaving popular science in…
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Written by JA Schneider — Michael Crichton, Robin Cook and Tess Gerritsen, make way for a new kid on the block in the field of medical thrillers. This debut novel by JA Schneider is a promising addition to the canon. Maternity wards of hospitals are…
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