Vicki Weisfeld: Top five books of 2015

So far this year, I’ve reviewed 22 books for Crime Fiction Lover, just under half of them in their audio versions. The richness and diversity of the crime and thriller genre means that while this category dominates my reading overall, it never grows stale, for…
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A Better Goodbye

Written by John Schulian — If you’ve always wondered what goes on in those sketchy massage parlours, this expertly written and well paced debut thriller is your chance to find out. Set in Los Angeles on the bitter fringes of the entertainment industry and reeking of fake…
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Give thanks for crime fiction

On the Radar — Today we wish our American readers a happy Thanksgiving and we hope you enjoy the holiday. Here at Crime Fiction Lover HQ it’s just another Thursday but we’re still thanking the good lord for all the crime fiction provided. This week…
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