Woman of the Dead

Written by Bernhard Aichner, translated by Anthea Bell — Placing the reader in a moral dilemma by asking them to empathise with a transgressive protagonist is something crime fiction has always done particularly well. As readers, we are asked to empathise with every type of…
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Dexter's back for his final cut

On The Radar — Today fans of the Dexter series can rejoice – the favourite son of the serial killer sub-genre is back. But that’s not all, On the Radar takes us to ancient Rome, Ireland, Singapore and even the Black Country, for Alex Grecian’s…
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Serial killer novels: 10 of the best

The traditional definition of a serial killer is a person who has killed three or more people. Individuals who can single-handedly spread this kind of death and destruction have been a terrifying part of our collective conscience for centuries. Jack the Ripper, the Zodiac Killer,…
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