Uncoiled Lies

Written by Liz Mistry — Bradford, 5 November 1998 and Sadia Hussain is at a bonfire night celebration with her best friend, Jessica, which goes horribly wrong. Jessica’s mother, Millie Green, burns to death, witnessed by Jessica’s half brother, Shahid and Sadia’s policeman father. Fast…
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NTN: Liz Mistry interviewed

New Talent November is all about introducing you to new, up-and-coming crime authors and Liz Mistry fits firmly into that category. Although she and her novel, Unquiet Souls, are based in Bradford, Liz herself is a native of Scotland, the country that punches in the heavyweight…
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Unquiet Souls

Written by Liz Mistry — When the body of prostitute Sharon Asif is found in the snow dappled graveyard of a Bradford churchyard, DS Alice Cooper unwittingly opens a can of grisly worms. In the locked loft of the dead woman’s house are 20 children, two…
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