French noir dinner in London: 33% off

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alex100If you’re a crime fiction lover and you’ll be in London tomorrow evening, Hardy’s Brasserie has a last minute offer for you. The restaurant is holding an evening of French noir, along with a full menu to match, and you can get £15 off the original price of £45.

Attending the dinner will be three award-winning French authors whose books have all recently appeared in English. They include Antonin Varenne, Pierre Lemaitre and Xavier-Marie Bonnot. We recently reviewed Lemaitre’s bestseller Alex here on Crime Fiction Lover. Varenne is the author of Bed of Nails and Bonnot wrote Voice of the Spirits.

As well as hearing the authors talk about their work, there will be a menu of fine French food and wines. Naturally, it includes escargots, pate de campagne, bouillabaisse, Beaufort souffle, steak frites, braised artichoke a la barigoule, creme brulee and tarte tatin.

To take advantage of this 33 per cent discount, call 0207 935 5929 or send an email to hardysbookdinners <at> The restaurant is on Dorset Street in W1. Tell them you saw the offer on Crime Fiction Lover. To read more about French crime fiction click here.

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